Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis commonly affects the joints and tendons of the wrist and hands. The first sign is warm, swollen and painful joints. This is an indication that there is inflammation in the area.

Currently, Rheumatoid Arthritis does not have a cure. Management of the condition is with medications and joint protection strategies which combine to keep the joints and tendons in the best possible condition.

Joint protection strategies in the wrist and hands includes;

Custom made splints to provide pain relief and allow for functional use of the hand

Joint protection advice

Simple ergonomic appliances

RA specific exercise program

Regular massage treatments for non-pharmacological pain relief

Gloves to reduce hand swelling


Surgery is neccessary if there is ongoing synovitis which is causing damage in an area, or has already damaged an area.

Post-operative hand therapy care is provided to surgical patients with a strong emphasis on a return to function equal to or higher than the preoperative level.