Hand Therapy for Children with Handwriting Difficulties

Many children will experience difficulties with handwriting during their primary and secondary school years.

This may affect them physically, socially and/or psychologically.

Occupational Therapists are concerned with a person's ability to participate in their daily life activities, or their occupations. Daily occupations include the activities that they want to do, need to do or have to do.

Occupational Therapists consider a child's overall development, their strengths and limitations and how the social and physical environment supports or challenges them.

In relation to handwriting difficulties, this may include parent education, a visit to the child's school/kinder and/or occupational therapy sessions at one of our Melbourne Hand Rehab locations.

Handwriting requires integration of sight, physical skills and various mental processes.

Our therapists at Melbourne Hand Rehab have undergone extra training in the assessment and treatment of handwriting difficulties in children.

Melbourne Hand Rehab therapists have experience working with children to develop the fine hand skills they require for handwriting as well as other daily living tasks, which require a degree of dexterity and fine motor skill.

Our therapists provide assessment and intervention for children with handwriting difficulties. If your child is having difficulty with handwriting, the first and best place to start is with a thorough examination / assessment of each of the necessary skills pertaining to the activity, in order to best help your child.

Following an initial assessment, a visit to your childs school may be included in the treatment program to properly liaise with your child's teacher.

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