Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition which causes pain and difficulty when attempting to straightening your finger or thumb. Trigger finger is a progressive disorder with the first symptoms being pain and uneven movement, progressing to a 'clicking or catching' felt at the middle knuckle of your finger with the final stage being locking of the finger into a bent position.
Gripping, pinching or pressing with the fingers or thumb are all functions of the hand that can cause trigger finger. In addition direct trauma or repetitive use of your finger or thumb can also be a source of injury.

Trigger finger is most commonly found in middle-aged healthy women although it can still occur in men. The thumb, ring and middle fingers are most frequently affected and multiple fingers can be affected at once.

Hand Therapy Treatment for Trigger Finger

The following conservative treatments have been proven to be effective:
Massage and therapeutic ultrasound
Home exercises
Advice on how to prevent further aggravation

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