Wrist Injuries & Wrist pain

The wrist is a very special area of treatment for the hand therapists at Melbourne Hand Rehab.

The clinical directors here run the Australian Physiotherapy Association Wrist Course and it is an area of great passion for all the hand therapists here.

A painful wrist can occur due to an injury such as a fall, or come on gradually with age, or for no apparent reason.

Wrist splint or brace

The first thing to do is work out the reason for the pain, and/or exactly which structures have been injured in the fall or accident.

This requires a thorough assessment and examination to be done by someone who has experience and expertise in the wrist, as this is a very complex area of the body.

The right treatment can then be commenced, and this treatment may be as different as a splint, to strengthening exercises to proprioception activities or soft tissue work and massage.

All the hand therapists at MHR have completed the Australian Physiotherapy Association Wrist Course, and have continual ongoing education and mentoring in the area of the wrist.

If you have injured your wrist recently, please feel free to download our patient handout below.